eBay prohibits Fetal Doppler’s

In a move set to clean up the retail supply of Fetal Doppler’s, eBay Australia on November 1 2010 enforced a policy change prohibiting Fetal Doppler’s from being sold through eBay.

Having supplied Sonotech Ultrasonic Fetal Dopplers through eBay since 2008, we were not utterly surprised by the news when contacted by eBay advising of the change in fact we applaud their decision!

Supplying a medical device comes with its responsibilities, you need only take a look over here to figure that out http://www.tga.gov.au/devices/devices.htm. eBay had become saturated with Fetal Dopplers, much of which was being listed by ‘opportunists’ with little or no idea about the safety and compliance requirements. Like anything else that becomes popular (take Ipods and similar devices for example) the cloning factories overseas go into overdrive, they produce , market and supply. This is a big issue on eBay and whilst they have taken measures to improve this they are simply not in a position to ‘authenticate’ everything.

With domestic use of Fetal Doppler’s on rise, it was no surprise to see an explosion of many new sellers with no idea about medical devices popping up only to be removed a few days later. Like anything else ‘common sense’ prevails, however giving in to ultra-low prices is not unforgivable, we see this all the time and at the end of the day ‘you get what you pay for’ (excuse the cliché). The difference here being the ‘health risk’.

After a long period of regulating and removing Fetal Doppler listings in conjunction with medical device ‘watchdog’ Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australian Department of Health), eBay finally had enough and officially prohibited them.

Whilst this does impact legitimate suppliers like Parents Like Us, we back the policy changes 100%, protecting expecting mums and establishing a ‘safe market’ is very important and this policy change goes a long way towards achieving that.

We will evolve and adjust like any good business, having started out on eBay was simply a stepping stone. If nothing else we are thankful for the nudge to go on and build our website and trade in a fair and safe marketplace.

Parents Like Us, continue to supply Sonotech® Ultrasonic Fetal Dopplers, simply contact us to find out more.