Apps aplenty for mum and dad!

Its amazing how technology has come so far, I am embarrassed to say that I am just about the only person I know that doesn’t own an iphone….. I know even my 4 year old daughter has questioned me why I don’t have one.

After she greets her dad at the door, the first thing she will say is ‘can I play angry birds’. As most of you are aware there is an app for everything, and some of them really do make life easier.
Especially during pregnancy when you forget just about everything its great to have one that can help you jot down the shopping, or what to pack, or even to time your contractions.

There’s even one to replace the use of milk bands when breastfeeding. I wish I had that one when I was breastfeeding, as I’d forget to put milk band back on the correct wrist, and would have to rely on fullness of breast.

And this way you would be sure that baby is hungry as you can time when baby was last fed. That would at least rule out one reason as to why they were crying, particularly useful for first time mums.
And it doesn’t stop there, there are so many great apps for the kids to use too!

Bub hub had a list of best pregnancy and parenting apps which their readers have recommended, take a look.

Looks like I really need to get myself an iphone!