BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock!

We are excited about this one, its become hugely popular overseas and about to hit our shores. Parents Like us will proudly stock the Sleep Trainer Clock by BabyZoo very soon!

"Eyes closed I should be sleeping"..."Eyes open, it's time to get up"

The new 'sleep trainer' from BabyZoo is a 'sanity-saver' for parents. Teach toddlers to stay in bed until 'MoMo the Monkey' wakes up. Finally there is a product that teaches toddlers when to stay in bed. Yes, you read it right, stay in bed! Play the game with your toddler and they will no longer wake you up in the middle of the night or in the early hours of the morning.

How does it work? When it is time to go to bed, tell your toddler that MoMo is also going to sleep. "Only when MoMo has opened his eyes, are allowed to get out of bed". The bed-time ritual will start with one push of the button: MoMo will shut his eyes. Only at the wake-up time, set by you, MoMo will open his eyes, with or without jungle sounds.

So, eyes closed, I should  be sleeping, eyes open, rise and shine. The sleeptrainer also has a night light function, which stays lit for 30 seconds and automatically shuts off
Of course, MoMo take a little practice, so if your toddler comes to your door in the middle of the night or too early in the morning, accompany your toddler back to their bedroom and show that MoMo is still sleeping. "Look, MoMo is still sleeping. Shhh, let's be quiet…mummy, daddy and you still have to sleep some more. Good night".

Coming soon to Parents Like Us!