Hey we are now on FaceBook

Well finally we are on FaceBook! Admittedly we avoided Facebook as long as possible. After all www.parentslikeus.com au is two months in and the thought about managing another interface was all a bit scary, but we are there now and fumbling our way through getting to look just right. Check it out there’s even a little promo for becoming a fan too!


Would love to see you there and are very much hoping on growing our little community in a way we are able to exchange and engage our customers with useful content, contests, pictures, giveaways and everything else! Feel free to drop in we do anticipate using Facebook as a customer service channel as well, so if you are more comfortable in reaching us there please get in touch.

Right now we have 9 likes and not a huge amount of content but we are gearing up to make good use of Facebook so check back often, oh and if you have tips for us yellout.

Thanks a bunch,
The team at Parents Like Us