Kayla takes the Sleep Study

For those who haven’t been following our journey. Our almost five year old daughter, Kayla, has had quite a few sleep issues since birth, namely‘rhythmic rocking’ sleep disorder. Her sleep disorder paediatrician has recommended that she go to hospital for an overnight sleep study.

This post follows on from Kayla consultation:

Kayla was looking forward to the big date, as it was a chance to spend alone with mum, and without her younger sister. We just about packed everything for this overnight stay, including portable dvd player, colouring books and pencils, dolls, and even nail polish to paint our nails in line with the theme of being a pyjama party. Not that we actually used any of these things, except for the colouring books and pencils. Kayla was quite impressed with the suite, and wanted to stay for a few nights!

She’s a clever little girl though and underneath all the excitement there was a genuine ‘awareness’ about ‘why’ and’ how’ the sleep study was an important part of the process for resolving what we have affectionately dubbed ‘moo moo ing’

Then came the wiring up. Kayla was hooked up to electrodes resembling spaghetti for the monitoring of brainwaves, heart rate, movement, breath and most importantly the combination of all of those against her sleeping patterns. Again, at this point she was still excited and mummy (me) was eagerly taking happy snaps.

It wasn’t until that she had woken several times, and was unable to adopt her rocking position, due to all the electrodes, that she cried ‘mummy I don’t want to stay here anymore!! I want to go home’. Without being able to comfort herself back to sleep (rhythmic rocking) the nostalgia began wearing thin.

Being awaken 5am from the night nurse, it was a pretty long night. Every time that Kayla would awake, she sat upright, the night nurse would come in to adjust her leads, particularly the one that was monitoring her breath, as she would rub her face, and dislodge the probe.

Although she didn’t demonstrate any of her usual rocking (believe us she wanted to), we are hoping that our paediatrician will have enough information to be able to determine how we can help Kayla. After all if we have learned anything the ‘rocking’ is really just the symptom and we do expect to learn more about the underlying issue when the results are known.
One step closer for out little girl.

Stay tuned for the results of the sleep study, the analysis is said to be something else and we do suspect sleep apnoea, and please feel free to share your own stories and comments too.

2 thoughts on “Kayla takes the Sleep Study”

  • Parents Like Us
    Parents Like Us October 17, 2011 at 1:13 am

    Thanks Simone, when we were researching the 'rocking' disorder online we came across a really informative thread that went cold just when it seemed an answer was forthcoming! We found this really disappointing as it was the closest 'likeness' to Kayla's night time problem, it really inspired us to share our story..

  • Simone

    Thank you for sharing Kayla's story, I am sure you will be helping other families out there by sharing the journey she is going through.

    Although I am not a 'rhytmic sleep rocker' I myself had my tonsils removed at 18 years old because of sleep apnoea, my tonsils were so large I was never able to get into a deep sleep and woke up tired, I used to fall asleep anywhere anytime during the day. It has most certainly helped!

    I hope the sleep study will bring answers and solutions for Kayla and your family. Good luck!