A Fetal Doppler will also detect?

Sonotech® Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler’s are renowned for their ease of use and simple interface, like other Fetal Dopplers however they will also pick up many others sounds.

Primarily a Fetal Doppler is designed to pick up and listen to a heartbeat right? There are lots of different sounds you will hear with the Fetal Doppler however.

Example, the kicking sound of your baby, hiccups, and movement of your bowel. Each of them has a different pitch and character, with time and practice, you will be more confident in differentiating between them.
In general, different sounds are described as follows:

  • Baby kicking: Solid thrust
  • Baby hiccup:  Two rapid and soft percussion
  • Your bowel: Quick hizzing
  • Fetal heart: Rapid gallop
  • Your heart:  Soft gallop
  • Placental sounds: Is the area which blood flow becomes steadier within the placenta and has a distinctive sound like 'wind blowing through tress'
  • Umbilical sounds: Sounds similar to the heartbeat (galloping horse) but at a much higher pitch.

Please always remember where domestic Fetal Doppler use is intended:

Fetal Doppler’s should not be used in any way for diagnostic or medical purposes by anyone other than a medical professional and  should not be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by a medical practitioner. Any concerns about your pregnancy should be addressed to your care provider.