Using Fetal Dopplers too early?

As all pregnancies are different, it is generally not recommended to use a Fetal Doppler before 10-12 weeks. Most midwives and obstetrician’s will advise the same. Whilst a percentage of expecting mums will find the heartbeat before this period it may cause unnecessary anxiety in cases where the heart beat is not detected until a later period (this isnt uncommon and perfectly normal). For this reason we do not encourage it either, pregnancy can be a difficult time for mum, adding stress to the experience is completely unecassary.

If you must and cannot wait due to 'high risk' or other compelling reasons be sure to consult with your midwive or obstetrician.

Please always remember where domestic Fetal Doppler use is intended:

Fetal Doppler’s should not be used in any way for diagnostic or medical purposes by anyone other than a medical professional and  should not be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care by a medical practitioner. Any concerns about your pregnancy should be addressed to your care provider.