BUZZY 4 Shots Now Available

We are delighted to have added BUZZY 4 Shots Deluxe to our range. As with most products we stock Buzzy is the type of offering that is simply essential and very unique. 2011 Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Awards is no surprise Buzzy is making a huge difference in our every day lives when it comes to children and immunisations!

BUZZY® was invented by a mother and doctor to help her children overcome their fear of needles. Works wonderfully for shots, for bee stings, for boo-boos, for injected medicines or immunisation pain… Buzzy was developed to put instant pain management in YOUR hands. It works a treat!.

What is Buzzy®?

Buzzy® is simply a small vibrating bee with a unique ice pack. Put it near any sharp pain, and presto! Using natural pain relief, Buzzy confuses your body's own nerves and distracts attention away, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp injection pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps, or cool running water soothes a burn, Buzzy® crowds out pain by sending stronger motions sensations down the nerves instead.

Checkout the videos on Buzzy in action and how to use Buzzy

BUZZY® ... taking the sting out of shots! BUZZY® is a new handheld device to help block sharp pain and provide distraction when giving injections to children.

What they say?

"It is always so stressful when I take my daughter to get her immunisations, but today we had a totally different experience. The nurse used Buzzy and my daughter was so distracted she didn't even notice the needle going in! What a brilliant product. Thanks so much.", Mum of Cindy aged 5.

"Buzzy works for human bites!  My baby turned evil last night and bit my 3 year old super hard (drew blood through her fleece night gown) and Buzzy totally fixed it.   I know how bad it hurts when that little "angel" bites and it really leaves a lasting hurt, but Buzzy made Elaine laugh and she said it stopped hurting after leaving Buzzy on for about 6 minutes." Val, RN

"I used the Buzzy on an 11 year old boy with Autism today and he loved it! He placed it on his own arm and the high light was the information I gave the family with a picture of the Buzzy on it. He was so excited for the photo that he didn't want to pick anything out of our "Good Job" box of toys!"  -Kelly B, RN

"Today I used Buzzy on myself with the frozen wings for an Imitrex shot.  I HATE Imitrex bc it burns like fire.  Buzzy made it 10x better.  I actually laid in bed suffering for 4 hours with the migraine bc I hate the shot so bad.  It's not the needle. It's the fire medicine. LOL.  Buzzy is the bomb."  - Sarah H, RN