Cherub Baby Contest Announcement

Before we announce the Cutest Baby Xmas Pic winning entry, we would like to give everyone a big round of virtual applause for participating in the contest and amazing us with so many adorable contributions!

Our judging panel went into lockdown, there so many wonderful entries and choosing a winner was always going to be difficult. By way of most votes we have a winner!

Congratulations Ally for your entry of little Riley our 2011 winner of the Parents Like Us® Cutest Baby Xmas contest!!

We will be sending out your Cherub Baby Starter Pack today.

To all mums and dads that entered their little one’s we are sure you will agree little Riley is incredibly cute and we promise to get another competition up and running soon.  As a thank you for your participation we would love to extend a onetime 20% discount on your next purchase in our store, to take advantage of the offer please get in touch by forwarding your original email entry.

Little Riley - 2011 Winner of the Parents Like Us Cutest Baby Xmas Pic Contest

2011 Cherub Baby Pack Winner - Riley

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!