First Week at Kindy!

The start of Kindergarten marks a new phase of a child’s life and parents too, there are some big adjustments to be made for the child and family and preparing for that first day is a wonderful moment!

So arrived the first day, were there tears? Surprisingly not, it was as if mother and child were simply ready and both looked at each other as if they understood it was now just a formality. Actually I think hubbie was the most emotional of us all!

One thing is certain, it is a very proud moment for mum and dad as was for Kayla – just take a look at the pic below. Oh pulling up her socks so high her was her idea!

One week in and we have a bunch of best friends, buddies and pals, not to mention we have discovered there’s a canteen at ‘big school’ and that’s another story!

Things are naturally different now and changes need to be made. There are the extra-curricular activities that have to be changed to the afternoons or weekends and we haven’t even started homework yet, except for covering books with contact… (I wonder if there are courses out there teaching you how to get contact on bubble free!..). We are enjoying it though and so is Kayla, well at least we haven’t heard “I don’t want to go to school today” but we do hear that kicks in around week 3!

We do miss our little girl, and can’t believe she has already reached school age, it seems like only yesterday that we drove all the way home from the hospital at a steady 5km at hour - you know that drive J

We would love to hear your first day, first week and first month school stories, so please share them with us. It’s a special experience for all of us and we’re sure there’s a story in there for everyone!