When Parents Play Up Xmas time!

When parents play up in the festive season… share your stories

We had received one of the children's gifts the day before Christmas…. And it was a slip and slide. I had a bit of a chuckle to hubby, as on the 7pm project that just had said that there were quite a few injuries from parents using kids toys, like trampolines, and slip n slides. On the project they were even contemplating to carrying warnings for parents, but agreed that they should lead it up to natural selection, and if you are going to be an idiot, well you deserve, Harsh but, funny.

Let me paint the picture for you on our Christmas day. It was such a nice day, that we decided to use the slip n slide. The kids had a great time ! And then my hubby gets involved, taking caution to the wind, and throwing himself down the slide. He groans as he hits the ground ‘ I think I have fractured a rib’ as the rest of us buckle over with laughter while he clutched the side of his body!

Did he fracture a rib ? Well, I guess we will never know, the pain did intensify when the alcohol; wore off and he was still complaing a week later. Should manufacturers be adding an extra warning? Perhaps do not use whilst under the influence?

Its looks like its quite common for parents to sustain injuries whilst playing with their kids things especially during the festive season, take a look.

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