Help ! I’m living in a house of Sleep Apnoiacs !!!

Isn’t genetics great? If you get the good traits handed down it is, but not so great if it’s a  sleep disorder.

For the benefit of those of you who haven’t been following our journey. It first started with Kayla sleep, or should I say, lack of  sleep.Kayla has always had sleep issues, one being “rhythmic rocking motion sleep disorder”, and about 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Moderate Sleep Apnoea.

Since her diagnosis she has had her tonsils, and adenoids removed and is achieving a more restful sleep. She hasn’t outgrown  the body rocking, but other than her hair becoming matted in the morning, and that we won’t be putting her in the top bunk as planned, I’ve been told not to be concerned. So I guess we’ll be selling the bunk beds on eBay, and cutting all her hair off!

After Kayla’s operation, hubby decided to get his snoring checked out. Not because the neighbours had complained, or because I was sleeping on the couch most nights, or even because no one wanted to share rooms with him when on conferences, but because of the improvement he had seen in his little girl. Jeff’s sleep study also revealed that he was suffering from Severe Sleep Apnoea. His treatment is a Sea-PAP machine, which he wears while asleep. It’s the best thing he’s ever done, and has definitely saved our marriage. His mood has improved, and he has lost a lot of weight. It’s really nice not to be woken up from your husband gasping for air (those of you who are familiar with sleep apnoea will be aware of when the apnoea sufferer stops breathing, they will gasp for air when their breathing resumes). And yes it’s pretty scary stuff!!!

Next in line was my Father in Laws diagnoses of Severe Sleep Apnoea… can you see a trend here!!! The only problem is that he hasn’t been using his Sea-PAP machine all the time during sleep, and therefore hasn’t been able to see the benefit.

And finally our little Georgia, who up until the age of three was the best sleeper. She was the child that said “Mumma, I’m tired and I want to go to sleep now’. That thought still makes me smile… such a lovely thing for any parent to hear. Then suddenly she became so cranky, had bags under her eyes, and was snoring heavily at night. There were also other symptons that differed from Kayla’s (I just put it down to Georgia’s odd behaviour), such as dipping her food into water or juice. This is apparently quite common for those kids with enlarged tonsils as they find it easier to swallow food.. go figure!

We have since conducted a sleep study for Georgia, and this has revealed that she too has Moderate Sleep Apnoea. So its bye bye tonsils and adenoids for Georgia as well.

I’ll keep you posted with their progress.Please feel free to share your comments, or your own story.

I’ll try to answer any questions, even though my only qualification is living in a house full of sleep Apnoiacs.

7 thoughts on “Help ! I’m living in a house of Sleep Apnoiacs !!!”

  • Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep
    Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep February 28, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    Great :) I mentioned you in the group today!

  • Marie

    Awesome ! Thanks Kath. I'll take a look now.

  • Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep
    Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep February 28, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Hi Marie

    The Facebook Group is called "Sleep Apnoea/Apnoea Awareness, Symptoms, Treatments, Causes and Cures" and would love to see you there with your story :)

    Best Wishes


  • Parents Like Us

    Thanks Kath, we really appreciate you providing us with an update on the Child's Sleep Conference. I’ve always believed that it was hereditary, and we definitely don’t need any more proof. Most people have never heard of Rhythmic Movement Disorder, so I’m not surprised that it wasn’t mentioned. Glad to hear that some of the parents attending the conference got some answers and are taking steps to help solve their children’s sleep problems. I hope that by sharing our family’s story that we also can help raise awareness in Children’s Sleep disorders.

    Sounds interesting, we’d love to join your group, I’m having some issues with the link, I’ll try again latter. Marie

  • Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep
    Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep February 27, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Back from the Sleep Conference - it was 50% parents and 50% childrens health workers/clinicians. People were amazed to hear how OSA affects kids, and even more shocked to hear it's hereditary. Great day for raising awareness and several people contacting their GP's now for a referral :) Some stories about GP's not being interested though :( No mention of RMD today, so the UK still has a lot to learn, but Restless Leg did come up :) In one of the Facebook Groups I admin, there are quite a lot of parents with kids on CPAP, so copy and paste the link and come and join us :) Link..

  • admin

    Hi Kath,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on our site.

    Wow, what a coincidence.I would love to hear all about the Child's Sleep Conference that you attended today, and I'm sure that our subscribers would too.

    Did they mention anything about Rhythmic Movement Disorder at todays conference?

    Kind Regards,


  • Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep
    Kath Hope, Hope2Sleep February 26, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    Interesting I should come across this on Twitter, as I'm going to a Child's Sleep Conference in the morning to raise awareness of the fact that Sleep Apnoea is fairly common in children, and it's definitely hereditary, as you point out!

    Good Blog :)

    Here in the UK we are hard raising awareness and our British Lung Foundation have just raised the profile of OSA in children on their website

    My own company works tirelessly in raising awareness and supporting people with OSA

    Keep up the good work in raising awareness on your side of the pond :)