• Fetal Doppler’s since 2007 & beyond

    Aug 6th | Posted by parents like us | in Parenting And Product Info | Comments Off
    Since 2007, Parents Like Us® has been proudly supplying Ultrasonic Fetal Doppler’s to mums, dads, mid wives and clinics Australia wide. We take great joy out of placing Fetal Doppler’s in reach of expecting parents, the experience is truly joyful and for some, having a Fetal Doppler on hand is absolutely essential.
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  • The Dummy Fairy Comes to Visit

    Apr 5th | Posted by parents like us | in Parenting And Product Info, Breaking News | Comments Off
    Those of you who have experienced the attachment that some children have to their dummies will really appreciate our story. It’s more than an attachment, its essential for th
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  • Win a Tommee Tippee Easter Pack!

    Mar 20th | Posted by parents like us | in Community and Events, Promotions and Sales | 24 Comments
    Easter is a wonderful time to spend with our families and we would love to know how you plan to spend it. We would also love to hear any great suggestions we can share with our little parenting community! In fact we would love so much to hear all...
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  • Cherub Baby Contest Announcement

    Jan 9th | Posted by parents like us | in Breaking News, Promotions and Sales | Comments Off
    Before we announce the Cutest Baby Xmas Pic winning entry, we would like to give everyone a big round of virtual applause for participating in the contest and amazing us with so many adorable contributions! Our judging panel went into lockdown, there so many wonderful entries and choosing a...
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  • WIN a Cherub Baby Starter Pack

    Nov 26th | Posted by parents like us | in Promotions and Sales | 4 Comments
    With Christmas around the corner we thought it would be a great idea to have a little fun with our growing little community, and are giving away a Cherub Baby Starter pack valued over $120! All you need to do is send in your cutest Baby Christmas pic. This...
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  • Kayla its Sleep Apnoea

    Oct 6th | Posted by parents like us | in Parenting And Product Info | 3 Comments
    Kaya’s results are finally in and confirm what we have suspected, she has high moderate sleep apnoea and averages 21 awakenings per hour! Even in her deep sleep periods the awakenings are regularly above the 20 mark and it was simply a no brainer for our Doctor in suggesting...
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