Kayla its Sleep Apnoea

Kaya’s results are finally in and confirm what we have suspected, she has high moderate sleep apnoea and averages 21 awakenings per hour!

Even in her deep sleep periods the awakenings are regularly above the 20 mark and it was simply a no brainer for our Doctor in suggesting she must have her tonsils and adenoids removed.
There is a massive upside here in that there is 90% success rate the day surgery and removal of tonsils and adenoids will make Kayla a happy little chappie! The procedure addresses the underlying issue and there is a huge chance she will be sleeping without obstruction in about 6 weeks.

The technical definition is as follows:

"Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)—also referred to as obstructive sleep apnoea-hypopnea (OSAH)—is a sleep disorder that involves cessation or significant decrease in airflow in the presence of breathing effort. It is the most common type of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and is characterized by recurrent episodes of upper airway (UA) collapse during sleep. These episodes are associated with recurrent oxyhaemoglobin desaturations and arousals from sleep"

In our previous posts we touched on how strong willed little Kayla is and she has been a handful at the best of times. As her parents we can’t help but feel a little guilt though as the sleep apnoea she has been carrying has certainly affected her general behaviour which was not apparent to us.

Steadying Kayla for the procedure is another story it doesn’t require to much explanation though at least to her, if there is one thing we have learned it is to downplay a situation as much as possible and resist from making a fuss over something which at the end of the day is not so uncommon..

Its interesting to note we are at this point because of the physical symptom (Kayla’s ritual nightly rhythmic rocking disorder) and not because we suspected sleep apnoea itself.

So as we set out to address something which is not so common we find ourselves in a great position in being able to help Kayla with an aspect of her life which would have affected her for a long long time.

We are writing as though we have passed this point already, which is probably a bit foolish so let’s leave it there and report back some weeks post-surgery.

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3 thoughts on “Kayla its Sleep Apnoea”

  • Josenitte

    I had my tosnils out a few years ago! Prayers for your little one for sure!!! Lots of cold things to drink! He won't want to drink it, but it sure helps big hugs to you guys!

  • Parents Like Us
    Parents Like Us November 6, 2011 at 3:02 am

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