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  • Lets Meet Ugly Ted

    Jan 21st | Posted by parents like us | in Parenting And Product Info, Community and Events | 3 Comments
    We are extremely pleased to align ourselves with the wonderful anti bullying campaign headed by the most adorable Ugly Ted. Bullying today is a real problem and difficult to deal with, as parents we have an obligation to the community, our children and together there is no reason why we...
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  • When Parents Play Up Xmas time!

    Jan 18th | Posted by parents like us | in Community and Events | Comments Off
    When parents play up in the festive season… share your stories We had received one of the children's gifts the day before Christmas…. And it was a slip and slide. I had a bit of a chuckle to hubby, as on the 7pm project that just had said that...
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  • Cherub Baby Contest Announcement

    Jan 9th | Posted by parents like us | in Breaking News, Promotions and Sales | Comments Off
    Before we announce the Cutest Baby Xmas Pic winning entry, we would like to give everyone a big round of virtual applause for participating in the contest and amazing us with so many adorable contributions! Our judging panel went into lockdown, there so many wonderful entries and choosing a...
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