Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • Win a Tommee Tippee Easter Pack!

    Mar 20th | Posted by parents like us | in Community and Events, Promotions and Sales | 24 Comments
    Easter is a wonderful time to spend with our families and we would love to know how you plan to spend it. We would also love to hear any great suggestions we can share with our little parenting community! In fact we would love so much to hear all...
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  • BUZZY 4 Shots Now Available

    Mar 7th | Posted by parents like us | in Parenting And Product Info | Comments Off
    We are delighted to have added BUZZY 4 Shots Deluxe to our range. As with most products we stock Buzzy is the type of offering that is simply essential and very unique. 2011 Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Awards is no surprise Buzzy is making a huge difference in...
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