From The Cutting Room Floor

Last week we received a phone call from Jordan Baker, a Journalist at the Sunday Telegraph. Jordan had noticed that there was a trend in the United States of pregnant women using fetal Doppler’s at home during their pregnancy.

Jordan suggested that we include some family pictures and organised a photo shoot the following day. Unfortunately due to a scheduling problem something the photo shoot didn’t eventuate. At the last moment, Ramon A Williams from Worldwide Photos saved the day, and was able to take some great pictures of my girls and I in time for the Friday morning deadline. Thanks again Ramon!

Most of my comments made it to the article, however here's one of the pics that didn’t make it

Please feel free to read the article here.

Popularity of Fetal Dopplers in Australia, Sun Herald

Dopplers can be a helpful in sharing the experience with a loved one, especially if they aren’t able to attend your midwife or obstetrics appointments.  Simone from Hip Little one actually took hers away when visiting family in Holland and was able to share this wonderful experience with her family back home.

Many of you who I have spoken to would realise that the main reason we started our online business was after I found the fetal Doppler market to be lacking. When I was looking for a fetal Doppler online I could only find either devices that were similar to toys and not TGA approved at the low price point. Or at the high price end, medical suppliers were able to provide high quality product that would be out of reach of most mum and dads, or simply not worth the cost in terms of the cost per use. With the improvements in technology we have been able to provide our customers with well-priced quality dopplers ranging from $59.90 for our Sonotech Lite to $189 for our Hi Bebe 3MHZ fetal Doppler.

All our dopplers are TGA approved and come with a 12 month warranty.

My decision to purchase a Doppler came through my own concerns from my second pregnancy. My second pregnancy was very different to my first. My second daughter Georgia was not as active as my first daughter, Kayla. I recall the times late in the pregnancy when I wouldn’t feel movement and would become anxious. I would prod her and also try to have something sweet. When I wouldn’t feel any movement, the Fetal Doppler that I had purchased online, provided me with that much needed reassurance. It must have been the ultrasound waves that would cause her to wake, as I would feel her move either during using the Doppler, or soon after.. sorry about that Georgia. Incidentally, before being diagnosed with sleep apnoea she would sleep like a log. I didn’t overuse it, I used it when I felt the need to. As we say to all our customers ‘if you think something doesn’t feel right with your pregnancy, please don’t self-diagnose and seek medical advice from your health care provided, whether it be your obstetrician, midwife or GP.