How to Survive a Sleepover

Many parents are caught in two minds when it comes to the issue of a sleepover. On the one hand, they're exciting for the children. On the other hand, the list of things that can go wrong is lengthy! Is the reward really worth the effort and the energy?

Our eldest daughter, Kayla has had several sleepovers. Her most memorable being her birthday sleepover party. Its lovely when your child recalls the fond memory of a party that you have organised. That in itself makes it worth all the effort. Seeing how much fun her older sister had, Georgia (our youngest) decided she wanted a slumber birthday party too! Again, definitely worth the effort.

Hazel has provided us with the following infographic on ‘How to Survive a Sleepover’. This shows us that with a bit of careful planning, and some ground rules, a sleepover need not be as taxing as it may often appear.

Thanks Hazel, by following your guide and we too can be a Sleepover Party Survivor, this time and every time.

Sleepover Infographic

Great suggestion of setting the ground rules beforehand!!

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