The Good & Bad of Peer Pressure

The Good & Bad of Peer Pressure



As parents, when our children are little we choose what they have to eat, drink, wear, and who they can play with. As our children get older we become less influential in these decisions. While our children are living under our roof they don’t have say in the brand of toilet paper we buy, but they start to develop their own identity which is often guided by their peers. My girls are only 8 and 10, and while they still look to me for advice and support, I can see the influence that their peers have. This will become more apparent when they enter the dreaded teenage years.

We all make decisions every day, and you and your peers will influence each other’s choices and behaviors. Peer pressure, can be both positive and negative. With a few years life experience under our belts, we have learnt that it is best to surround ourselves with positive friends who lift our spirits.


Similarly, tend to avoid those who seem to focus on the negative and serve only to bring us down.  As our children lack this experience it is important to provide them with some guidance. The following infographic captures 'The Good & Bad of Peer Pressure', and I’m sure that you will agree, provides us with some great information to guide our children in the right direction.

The Good & Bad of Peer Pressure

The above infographic was written and shared by Georgia Davies. Thanks Georgia!

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