The Perfect Mother’s Day gift

With mother’s day just around the corner, it’s a good time to think about what the mums in your life mean to you. Whether it be your mum, the mother of your child, your mother in law, or even yourself.

What makes mother’s day special to you? Is it the heartfelt hugs and kisses that you receive from your kids? Or is it that on Mother’s day we celebrate everything that mums do to make the family run smoothly?  It's nice to feel appreciated (even if it's only for one day) ☺

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A Doppler can be the perfect gift for mums to be, giving them an opportunity to hear their Baby on Mother’s day! Haven't we all occasionally purchased our own gifts for mother’s day? And why not? Why leave it up to chance ☺. Treat yourself with our Hibebe S Advanced fetal doppler, which measures body your body fat. It's the perfect way monitor your progress when trying to get your old body back.  We have a great range of Fetal Dopplers starting from $59.90. And of course it’s not only about the gift, these coupon books from Kidspot are a great card filler.

Let’s declare mother’s day a day of sleep ins, leaving the chores until the next day, and takeout’s, or let someone else do the cooking.

To all the mums, and expecting mothers, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! And we hope that you enjoy and celebrate your special day!