Welcome 2019

Wekcome 2019We hope that you had a very Merry Christmas, and that 2019 has been good to you so far.

Unfortunately, I was born in the wrong era, and have have never been a fan of social media. I guess that's why I struggle with my posts. My apologies for the lack of festive well wishes over the Christmas Break :)

They aren't wrong when they say that 'you don't have anything unless you have your health'. This had rung true where we have had my Father-In-Laws health being unstable last year. Whilst we are extremely grateful that we still have him with us, we still have more questions, than answers regarding his health.

So while we bid good riddance to 2018, we take the time to embrace 2019. We celebrate the success of entering out 15th year of marriage, and our eldest daughter will be entering high school. Where did the years go ???

I am not one to enter into new years resolutions. I find consistency is the key. And have come across my new favourite quote for creating my better life/self. Aiming to be 1 % better every day ...,. and enjoying the process. This implies that we don't have to aim to perfection, however need to aim to improving oneself. And therefore involves taking the time to focus on yourself to achieve this. If you don't put yourself as a high priority, this can be hard to achieve. Definitely a hard thing to do with mothers quilt always getting in the way.

Here's to an amazing 2019.. Happy new year !