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BUZZY - Healthcare Deluxe Pack

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Quick Overview

BUZZY® ... taking the sting out of shots! BUZZY® is a new handheld device to help block sharp pain and provide distraction when giving injections to children.


Product Description

BUZZY® was invented by a mother and doctor to help her children overcome their fear of needles. Works wonderfully for shots, for bee stings, for boo-boos, for injected medicines or immunisation pain… Buzzy was developed to put instant pain management in YOUR hands. It works a treat!.

BUZZY Healthcare Deluxe Pack...for hospitals, medical centres, immunisation services is perfect for:

- Hospitals (all departments)
- Medical Practices/Doctors Surgeries
- Community Nurses
- Distrct Nurses
- Paediatric & - Emergency Departments
- Immunisation Services
- Patients (children & adults) with needle phobia

"It is always so stressful when I take my daughter to get her immunisations, but today we had a totally different experience. The nurse used Buzzy and my daughter was so distracted she didn't even notice the needle going in! What a brilliant product. Thanks so much.", Mum of Cindy aged 5.

Awarding Winning BUZZY ... taking the sting out of shots!

"I work as pain management nurse in a children's hospital. I use buzzy every day. It's great with shots, blood draw, lumbar puncture, and even bone marrow aspiration... Buzzy is fun and useful. I use it along with DistrACTION cards…", Anne T.

Helps block pain and provide distraction for:

Finger sticks
Splinters and bee stings
IV starts and blood draws
Injections - immunisations, insulin

What is Buzzy®?

Buzzy® is simply a small vibrating bee with a unique ice pack. Put it near any sharp pain, and presto! Using natural pain relief, Buzzy confuses your body's own nerves and distracts attention away, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp injection pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps, or cool running water soothes a burn, Buzzy® crowds out pain by sending stronger motions sensations down the nerves instead.

Included in BUZZY Healthcare Deluxe Pack

BUZZY Deluxe includes everything from BUZZY Original, plus an insulated ‘BUZZY to-go tote bag’, frozen inserts to keep the wings cold and Bee-Straction cards, perfect for keeping all your BUZZY goodies together in one pack

Using Buzzy® is simple!

Attach the frozen wings. Switch on vibration. Hold firmly above the site of the sharp pain (place between the pain and the brain). A cooling pad is placed behind Buzzy, then Buzzy is placed between the brain and the pain (usually on arms or hands). Turn Buzzy on and leave him in place during the procedure. Children's attention is taken away from the needle and pain and focused on the cool, vibrating buzzy bee. It works a treat!

Children’s Hospitals use Buzzy, topical anaesthetics, and distraction tools to cut pain by half! Around the home, keep ice wings in the freezer, and bring out Buzzy to make cleaning scrapes less ow-y, to make mosquito bites not itch, or to just let a child switch on and off to stimulate sensations in an area that DOESN'T hurt.

What does Buzzy® do?

Buzzy for Dentistry
Buzzy for Allergies
Buzzy for Dermatology
Buzzy for Diabetes
Brands Buzzy4Shots®
Colour Black & Yellow
Warranty Not Appllicable
  1. Immunisation is now fun Review by Nicole

    My Son is 2 year old and he's petrified of immunisation. Our regular doctor always had trouble trying to make him at ease with the needle. One of my colleagues suggested buzzy4shots. At first we were apprehensive but then we went ahead and ordered it. The website was very informative and descriptive. We showed the product to the doctor and was very curious about the product not having used it himself as yet. At the time of needle going in, my son was completely mesmerized with buzzy4shots so much so that he didn't even notice the shot being delivered. Now even our doctor just like us has ordered buzzy shots from the website for kids visiting him with their parents. He uses it without any hassles. Getting kids immunised has become a bright and friendly experience now. Thank You Buzzy 4 Shots. (Posted on 3/01/2014)

  2. Wonderful invention & great service Review by Jess

    My 6 year old is scared of the dentists! Needing another visit today, but what a different experience! We took Buzzy4Shots along and the dentist wanted to buy Buzzy from us… My son was instantly at ease. Buzzy did everything it claims to and more, we just wanted to say thanks a lot- it’s a wonderful product, and fantastic service from parents like us. (Posted on 12/10/2013)

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